Dentures In Romford & Havering

Losing teeth can be very stressful and affect your confidence, the way you eat and general way of life. A partial denture can substantially improve the appearance of your teeth and a complete denture will totally restore your smile.

Denture treatment is one of the more popular general dental treatments in the UK, because of the excellent transformation. Removable false teeth conveniently fit over the gums and replace missing teeth, so you’ll never be self-conscious about smiling.

Key facts about Dentures

  • A partial denture procedure fills gaps in your teeth where a tooth (or set of teeth) is missing.
  • A full denture procedure is when all natural teeth are replaced on either the upper or lower jaw.
  • Dentures are made from either acrylic (plastic) or metal and are designed to look like your natural teeth.
  • Dentures help you eat with more comfort. Patients with full dentures are able to speak with more clarity.
  • If measurements are taken beforehand, your dentures can be fitted straight after your teeth have been extracted. This is known as an immediate denture.
Dentures have clear benefits, especially if you’re struggling to eat and chew, find if difficult to speak clearly.

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