TMJ Syndrome Treatment In Romford & Havering

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) occurs because of an underlying problem with your jaw, jaw joint and surrounding facial muscles. The disorder can arise from a number of situations, including excessively grinding your teeth, injury from a heavy blow or stress.

Noticeable symptoms are pain in or around the ear, the cheek and temple and TMJ has also been known to cause headaches and migraines if untreated. Smile with Dr Aria will assess your condition and then determine the right treatment for you, whether surgical or non-surgical.

Key facts about Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

  • The pain from TMJ can be very severe and may last for many years. In other cases the pain is temporary.
  • Women suffer from TMJ more then men, with most cases occurring in 20-40 year olds.
  • Your dentist or GP will conduct a full medical examination to find out the cause of your symptoms.
  • Treatment should start with a conservative approach, which means that advice is given and self-help techniques are tried before looking at alternative options. Generally it is expected that surgery be the last option should all other methods of treatment fail to resolve the problem.
TMJ can occur after excessive grinding of the teeth, stress or a physical injury.

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