Overcoming your fears when visiting the dentist

Many people have a fear of the dentist and will only visit a dental practice if they’re in extreme pain. For some patients this is because they feel vulnerable and anxious about sharing their personal space, but nerves in patients are usually due to bad experiences during childhood.

As mentioned on the Children’s Dentistry page, the best way to overcome fears of the dentist is to make sure your child has regular visits at a young age to get used to the smells and sounds. The younger they start becoming preconditioned by the environment, the more likely they are to have less fear of the dentist, as they grow older.

At Smile With Dr Aria we take nervous patient anxiety very seriously, because we understand our patient’s concerns. Before making an appointment you can call the practice to discuss any concerns you may have with our friendly reception team.

Our dental practice in Romford is a calm and quiet environment designed for your comfort. From the moment you step through the door, we will always ensure you are fully aware of every stage of your appointment.

We’ll regularly talk throughout the process should you need to take a break. We will listen to your concerns and take our time to make sure that you are comfortable before and during the procedure.

Smile With Dr Aria is recognised for being a friendly and approachable dental practice, so please feel free to talk to us openly about your concerns.

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